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A Close Shave is a Right, Not a Privilege

For years, men have suffered from razor bumps, burns and ingrown hairs while the shaving companies sat by and did nothing so we took matters into 
our own hands. Introducing the Fresh Shave System. The all natural shave system that helps reduce bumps, burns and ingrown hairs while getting your skin healthy.

Why The Fresh Shave System Works

The Wrong Tools

One of the reasons you may have shave irritation is because you've been sold the wrong tools. Shaving companies invest millions of dollars promoting multi-blade razors which promise a close shave.

The problem with these over engineered razors is they cut too deeply, slicing the hair near the follicle which causes it to get trapped beneath the skin when it grows back.

A Close Shave Without Irritation

The fresh single blade razor allows you to get a close shave without cutting beneath the skin, reducing the likelihood of razor bumps, razor burns and ingrown hairs.

We've taken our commitment to helping you get rid of shave irritation even further by including a badger hair brush to the Fresh Shave System. The brush allows you to exfoliate dead skin and evenly apply lather to your face so you get the closest shave possible.

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Harmful Compounds

Another reason shave irritation is so common is the ingredients used in creams and gels. Commercial shaving creams and gels are made with harsh ingredients like: stearic acidmyristic acidpotassium hydroxide, coconut acid, glycerin, triethanolamineparfum (fragrance) and sodium hydroxide which can wreak havoc on sensative skin.

The Right Ingredients

The average man shaves over 15,000 times in his lifetime, which is why ingredients matter. Every ingredient in the Fresh Shave system is all-natural, organic and easily absorbed by your skin. 

Our system was developed specifically for sensitive skin to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, promote cell renewal, help heal damaged skin and create a healthy moisturized face.

🍃  100% Essential Oils🍃  Witch Hazel  
🍃  Aloe Vera  🍃 Shea Butter 🍃 Avocado Oil

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The wrong approach

Most of us have never been shown the right way to shave so we don't get razor bumps, razor burns and ingrown hairs. The good news is there's a step-by-step process you can follow that gives a close shave without shave irritation

The right system

We've done the research, the testing and the tweaking to put together a system that helps get rid of shave irritation. Try it risk free for the next 30 days, if you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results send it back and we'll refund your entire investment.

For Only $89.99

See The Fresh Shave System In Action

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Lifetime Warranty
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- 10 pack of double edge razor blades 
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Because Your Face Deserves Better

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For Only $89.99