Smooth Shave. No Irritation.

Finally A Shave System That Reduces Razor Bumps, Burns and Ingrown Hairs

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Your 3 Steps Away From Clearer, Healthier Skin

Finally a 3 Step Shave System that Reduces Razor Bumps, Burns and Ingrown Hairs

90 Day Supply For Only $44.99

Why The Fresh Shave System Works

  • So Simple Anyone Can Do It

    Step 1. Rub our pre-shave oil gently into your face to soften the hair and make it easier to cut without getting nicks.
    Step 2. Gently rub the Fresh shave cream into your beard to create a protective surface and a slick glide for a smooth irritation free shave.
    Final Step. After you shave apply the Fresh aftershave balm to your entire face to heal your skin and provide intense moisturization.

  • All Natural Ingredients That Actually Make Your Skin Healthy

    Traditional shave products are made with synthetic and toxic ingredients that damage the skin. Our system uses only 100% essential oils, shea butter, aloe vera, avocado and coconut oils that protect, soothe and heal your face with every shave.

  • Made For Men With Coarse, Curly Hair and Sensitive Skin

    Generic shave solutions are one size fits all. We've created a system that softens coarse hair, gives you a smooth glide even for the most irritation prone skin and moisturizes your face to prevent inflammation post shave. 


*Disclaimer: Results may vary on an individual basis*

From the oil, to the lather and to the shave my overall feeling right now is fresh and smooth. I get why they call it the Fresh Shave Club.

Every time I shaved I would irritate my skin and get razor bumps. After using this for 2 weeks my skin looks a lot smoother. 

Shaving was such a chore and I hated doing it. After using this system I actually look forward to shaving. I'll never go back!

Reduce your Bumps, Burns and Ingrown Hairs or Your Money Back

We are so confident you will get the smoothest, most irritation free shave of your life that we will give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

90 Day Supply For Only $44.99